Theatre – Igloo Stuff



The new theatre opened yesterday:


Here is the inside:

Inside the Theatre

Here is the first page of the Script:

Script - Space Adventure

Here is the new space catalog ‘The Costume Trunk’:

The Costume Trunk

To see the yellow puffle click on this:

Theatre Puffles

Then you will see this:

Yellow Puffle

The new Igloo and Furniture catalogs have come out:

Igloo Upgrades

 Igloo Upgrades

Better Igloos

Better Igloos

The secrets are the same as last month



One Response to “Theatre – Igloo Stuff”

  1. Coolhil90 Says:

    Heyness It’s me, Hil!

    Sorry i haven’t been commenting in awhile, but i have news!

    I’m having yet another header contest, and maybe you could enter? Hope you join. Check out the page entitled ~~~header contest~~~ for more details! Thnx so mch!

    Host of the ClubPenguin Nightclub

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