I am cursed

I really am

Hacked 2 times!

I,I dont know what to say

just thanks shakan for all you have done

I think whenever i dont post for ages

i get hacked


i think i better post recently now

well i havent really got time now so

I Promise I will post 2morrow

I wont break that promise

If i do

I will be completly angry with myself

I just dont know what to do with this website

I just donw have time that much

I hardly get any views,

mostly because i hardly post

I just dont have time

I still am going to keep it

Its nice to know you have somthing thats yours.

I cant post very often

Lilmizzposh has been deleted off the site

Nobody even helps me

Shakan has been helpful saving my site twice

But he doesnt help me write posts anymore either

I wish that this wasnt so complicated

I am so confused

What should i do.

What should i do with myself!

I really dont know

I need some help here

Please anyone

If you would like to be an admin or author on my site,

Please comment

I need loads of help though

If anyone is kind enough to help

I would really appriceate it.

Thank you Shakan.

Thanks everyone who would like to help.



2 Responses to “Nearly…”

  1. Zaakhy Says:

    I will be one!

  2. Fylliper Says:

    If you need help, I’ll be willing to help out a little for a friend ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Wow! Will you do that for me?
    I will add you to the site now!

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