April Fools Party


Hiya guys here are the april fools party things:

 Note:The penguin of the month page in the newspaper on thursday was a joke. On other peoples penguin you could only see your own name. (I checked on my test penguin). I even got fooled.

Here is a pic of the april fools town:

April Fools Town

Its weird:

Coffee Shop:Crayon

Night Club:Blurred

Gift Shop:Pencil

Ok here is the items:

Red Propellor Cap:

Red Propellor Cap

Swirly Sunglasses:

Swirly Sunglasses

 Crayon Pin:
To get the pin you have to go to the mine and join the dots,

Crayon Pin

 Sorry that they are kinda blurred its because when i upload them it wont send so i have to copy and paste it instead.

Thats all for now – Hope you enjoy looking at all the april fools places.



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