Catalog and Upgrades to Aqua Grabber


Hi guys I am here to post the upgrades of Club Penguin:

The new Catalog has come out:

There is upgrades to Aqua Grabber already even though it said on April 7th:

You have to wait until the creatures are asleep then you have to catch their pearl:

White Pearl – 25 coins

Black Pearl – 50 coins

You can get as many pearls as you want.

There are about 5 creatures. You dont have to catch all of the pearls. When you dont want to catch any more pearls go down the hole at the bottom and catch the treasure chest and put it in the net:

Then the game is finished 🙂



One Response to “Catalog and Upgrades to Aqua Grabber”

  1. Lakera Says:

    Sumeyya, i just got banned on dizzywood for no reson. 😥 i reported it to them, but i cant get on for a while. i was just asking you what your name was on howrse, and it came up with a message telling me off for asking for ‘personal’ info. but then, even when i didnt say anything, it came up with those messages. then it got me banned.

    please read this.

    p.s. what is your name on howrse? mines Lakera.

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