Change website


Hi everyone

I have decided this website to be a normal website that justis about me and about life and about stuff not clubpenguin

I am still going to be on clubpenguin as normal but i am not going to have a clubpenguin site.

I wont delete my posts but I wont post about it any more.

You can still talk about it on my clubpenguin site but not on anything else. Thank you.

Here is my first entry:

Hiya yesterday u finished all my primary school tests (i am 9 years old)

and this friday is my bday!!!!! my 10th bday yay!!!!!

Ummm…..for those who still like clubpenguin,

even though this is a not cp site,

i am going to have a birthday party on cp!!!!!!

16th May 9:00pm GMT time Mammouth USA server in my igloo!!!!!

thanks if you come



One Response to “Change website”

  1. Sumeyya Says:

    I changed it cuz i dont have time to update it

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