Story !


Right i have got a story for you, this will also be copied into my stories page :

I was walking down the lane with one of my best friends, Lucy. Me, Lucy and my other friend Emma were supposed to go to the cinemas tonight but since Emma caught the chicken po, me and Lucy couldnt bear to go without her, so we spent nearly all day in the park wondering what our friend might be wondering…

“Its no fun without Emma.” sighed Lucy, breaking the silence as we walked towards her house on the edge of the street. As Emma was the lively, loud and adventurous one out of all three of us, she was the one who kept out lives worth while.

“At least I got allot of DVDs for us to watch.”smiled Lucy as we carefully entered her house. I couldn’t say anything, I felt like a third of me was missing. Lucy got me to stay at hers for absolutely ages. After a while I finally got some words out of my mouth, ” I’m really sorry Lucy, but I must be getting home.” Lucy nodded and said goodbye before watching me exit the room.

As I walked through the silent evening darkness I saw a faint silhouette walking towards me me. I stopped right where I was a gasped. It was dad. He walked right up to me, grabbed me by the hand and dragged me home.

When I got home dad sat me on the sofa and raised an eye brow. I cant believe he can do this to me. Grounded for a month! All I did was stay out a little late, well OK a lot late, but he didn’thave to be that mean. As I was lying in my bed, I started to wonder about Emma and Lucy, and what they would say about me being grounded for a month. I don’t even know if Emma will be at school tomorrow, so its no point thinking about her.

The next day at school when I got to my desk Lucy was already there waiting for me to tell her everything. I looked around, the teacher still hadnt arrived at the class room. I walked over to Lucy’s desk and told her what happened. She started to sulk. I don’t know why she should be sulking, I’m the one that’sgrounded. I told her that and she got angry, she told me she was just trying to comfort me. Lucy and Emma are the only ones who care about me. No one else would like to care about dumb old Beckie.


Please note I havent had time to finish it and I will finish it later. Thanks !


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