Club Penguin site once again!

February 7, 2009 by

I am a member on clubpenguin again,
and dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnn………
this is a clubpenguin site again!!!

*Cheers and clapping from the audience*

:D It might take me a while to change everything clubpenguiney again, but its worth it!


Story !

October 19, 2008 by

Right i have got a story for you, this will also be copied into my stories page :

I was walking down the lane with one of my best friends, Lucy. Me, Lucy and my other friend Emma were supposed to go to the cinemas tonight but since Emma caught the chicken po, me and Lucy couldnt bear to go without her, so we spent nearly all day in the park wondering what our friend might be wondering…

“Its no fun without Emma.” sighed Lucy, breaking the silence as we walked towards her house on the edge of the street. As Emma was the lively, loud and adventurous one out of all three of us, she was the one who kept out lives worth while.

“At least I got allot of DVDs for us to watch.”smiled Lucy as we carefully entered her house. I couldn’t say anything, I felt like a third of me was missing. Lucy got me to stay at hers for absolutely ages. After a while I finally got some words out of my mouth, ” I’m really sorry Lucy, but I must be getting home.” Lucy nodded and said goodbye before watching me exit the room.

As I walked through the silent evening darkness I saw a faint silhouette walking towards me me. I stopped right where I was a gasped. It was dad. He walked right up to me, grabbed me by the hand and dragged me home.

When I got home dad sat me on the sofa and raised an eye brow. I cant believe he can do this to me. Grounded for a month! All I did was stay out a little late, well OK a lot late, but he didn’thave to be that mean. As I was lying in my bed, I started to wonder about Emma and Lucy, and what they would say about me being grounded for a month. I don’t even know if Emma will be at school tomorrow, so its no point thinking about her.

The next day at school when I got to my desk Lucy was already there waiting for me to tell her everything. I looked around, the teacher still hadnt arrived at the class room. I walked over to Lucy’s desk and told her what happened. She started to sulk. I don’t know why she should be sulking, I’m the one that’sgrounded. I told her that and she got angry, she told me she was just trying to comfort me. Lucy and Emma are the only ones who care about me. No one else would like to care about dumb old Beckie.


Please note I havent had time to finish it and I will finish it later. Thanks !

Word Search

September 14, 2008 by

Me And My Mum Spent Ages Doing This Word Search, We Still Got 2 Left To Do, Could You Help Us And Find Them? (Topic-Olympic Sports):

And Ive Also Got A Word Search For Ypu To Do All By Yourself (Topic-Insects):

– Sumeyya

PS: The Hard Bit Is – It Doesnt Tell You What Words To Look For !!

Spur Of The Moment – Stories !!

September 10, 2008 by

Hi (Again)

Ive Just Had The Best Spur Of The Moment.

Ever Since I Was 4 I Have Loved Writing Stories.

So A Few Times A Week I Will Write Some Of My Stories That I Wrote When I Was Young And Some New Ones


My Fave Actresses

September 10, 2008 by

Heyaa – Sorry I Havent Been On Alot

I Decided To Do Actresses For My New Post

Vanessa Hudgens:

Jamie Lynn Spears:

Monique Coleman:


Alexa Nikolas:

Ashley Tisdale:

Miley Cyrus:

Victoria Justice:

Erin Sanders:

I Think Thats It, If There Is Any I Have Missed Out I Will Add :)

-Hope To See You Soon, Sumeyya xx

I have my own wordpress now.

May 27, 2008 by

Hi everyone.

My new wordpress is

It is new so it has not got much on it.

I need some admins because I cannot write on it everyday.

If you would like to be admin please contact me on

Thank you.




Change website

May 10, 2008 by

Hi everyone

I have decided this website to be a normal website that justis about me and about life and about stuff not clubpenguin

I am still going to be on clubpenguin as normal but i am not going to have a clubpenguin site.

I wont delete my posts but I wont post about it any more.

You can still talk about it on my clubpenguin site but not on anything else. Thank you.

Here is my first entry:

Hiya yesterday u finished all my primary school tests (i am 9 years old)

and this friday is my bday!!!!! my 10th bday yay!!!!!

Ummm…..for those who still like clubpenguin,

even though this is a not cp site,

i am going to have a birthday party on cp!!!!!!

16th May 9:00pm GMT time Mammouth USA server in my igloo!!!!!

thanks if you come



April 18, 2008 by

Heya Everyone!


I’m an new admin here!

My name is Anya and I have club penguin too!

My penguins are Anya77 and Azouzou

Sumeyya said she needed help with her WordPress so I’m posting here too!!

Come back tomorrow for more!



xxx xxx

Catalog and Upgrades to Aqua Grabber

April 5, 2008 by

Hi guys I am here to post the upgrades of Club Penguin:

The new Catalog has come out:

There is upgrades to Aqua Grabber already even though it said on April 7th:

You have to wait until the creatures are asleep then you have to catch their pearl:

White Pearl – 25 coins

Black Pearl – 50 coins

You can get as many pearls as you want.

There are about 5 creatures. You dont have to catch all of the pearls. When you dont want to catch any more pearls go down the hole at the bottom and catch the treasure chest and put it in the net:

Then the game is finished :)


April Fools Party

March 29, 2008 by

Hiya guys here are the april fools party things:

 Note:The penguin of the month page in the newspaper on thursday was a joke. On other peoples penguin you could only see your own name. (I checked on my test penguin). I even got fooled.

Here is a pic of the april fools town:

April Fools Town

Its weird:

Coffee Shop:Crayon

Night Club:Blurred

Gift Shop:Pencil

Ok here is the items:

Red Propellor Cap:

Red Propellor Cap

Swirly Sunglasses:

Swirly Sunglasses

 Crayon Pin:
To get the pin you have to go to the mine and join the dots,

Crayon Pin

 Sorry that they are kinda blurred its because when i upload them it wont send so i have to copy and paste it instead.

Thats all for now – Hope you enjoy looking at all the april fools places.



March 24, 2008 by

Sorry that i havent been posting (again)

Here are the updates i havent posted

Well i cant post the st patricks one sorry guys…

Easter Egg Hunt:

First  Easter Egg:

First Easter Egg

Second Easter Egg:

Second Easter Egg

Third Easter Egg:

 Third Easter Egg

Forth Easter Egg:

Fifth Easter Egg

Fifth Easter Egg:

Sixth Easter Egg

Sixth Easter Egg:

Fourth Easter Egg

Seventh Easter Egg:

Seventh Easter Egg

Eighth Easter Egg:

Eighth  Easter Egg


Better Igloos – March – April:

Better Igloos - March/April

Penguin Style – March 08:

Penguin Style

Thats all for now


March 2008

March 7, 2008 by

Hi guys,sorry for the post delay – here is the march updates:

Club Penguin have started to make the new rockhopper ship :)

New Rockhopper Ship!

Here are the new catalogs:

Penguin Style:

Penguin Style - March 08

Big Wigs:

Big Wigs - March 08

Snow and Sports:

Snow and Sports

Thats all for now!


Rockhopper here!

January 31, 2008 by

Rockhoppers here but his ship is broke so he came is a little boat

Here is a picture of it:

Rockhoppers Rowing Boat

Oh and sorry for not posting :)


Tipping the Ice Berg

December 28, 2007 by

I was at the Ice Berg and this was happening:

Tipping the Ice Berg

I was like, What? Havent people learned

You cant tip the Ice Berg


Christmas Party

December 25, 2007 by


I promised I would do it so I will:

There is 3 free items and one pin.

The Father Christmas Hat:

Christmas Hat

The Reindeer Antlers:

Reindeer Antlers

The Christmas Scarf:

Christmas Scarf

The Wreath Pin:

Wreath Pin

Thats all for now!



December 23, 2007 by

I am cursed

I really am

Hacked 2 times!

I,I dont know what to say

just thanks shakan for all you have done

I think whenever i dont post for ages

i get hacked


i think i better post recently now

well i havent really got time now so

I Promise I will post 2morrow

I wont break that promise

If i do

I will be completly angry with myself

I just dont know what to do with this website

I just donw have time that much

I hardly get any views,

mostly because i hardly post

I just dont have time

I still am going to keep it

Its nice to know you have somthing thats yours.

I cant post very often

Lilmizzposh has been deleted off the site

Nobody even helps me

Shakan has been helpful saving my site twice

But he doesnt help me write posts anymore either

I wish that this wasnt so complicated

I am so confused

What should i do.

What should i do with myself!

I really dont know

I need some help here

Please anyone

If you would like to be an admin or author on my site,

Please comment

I need loads of help though

If anyone is kind enough to help

I would really appriceate it.

Thank you Shakan.

Thanks everyone who would like to help.



December 18, 2007 by


shakan edited ~



December 18, 2007 by


shakan edited ~


Deleted ppl!

December 17, 2007 by


because summeya is the owner of this site, she can not be deleted, i have the blocker haker program! so i cant be deleted! ill add u people back soon! when i get rid of the hacker i will tell you!


December 17, 2007 by



shakan edited~


well, i will save it! coz i hate hackers! dont worry, just wait 1 day, ok?

~shakan!~ visit


December 16, 2007 by
Well, its shakan here anyway =) heres the deal!
My site only has 7500 hits and ive only had it for 3 months, bad isnt it!
heres the deal, if you visit my site and get me 10,000 hits by 2008, i will ~
throw a big party
get your penguin coins
a permanant link to your site on myne
and more!
So hears the deal visit my site and you will get all the stuff above!
just comment saying you came from sumeyyas site!
visit my site by clicking here!
if you put my site on your blog! on a post you will get :
20,000 coins
ful advertising on my site
and more!
so please visit my site! ~
also, visit my cool friends sites, visit , , an

Theatre – Igloo Stuff

November 17, 2007 by


The new theatre opened yesterday:


Here is the inside:

Inside the Theatre

Here is the first page of the Script:

Script - Space Adventure

Here is the new space catalog ‘The Costume Trunk':

The Costume Trunk

To see the yellow puffle click on this:

Theatre Puffles

Then you will see this:

Yellow Puffle

The new Igloo and Furniture catalogs have come out:

Igloo Upgrades

 Igloo Upgrades

Better Igloos

Better Igloos

The secrets are the same as last month


Rockhopper Here!

November 10, 2007 by

Rockhopper is here with some cool items:

Free Item:

Winged Helmet

Winged Helmet

Other Items:

Red Pirate Dress

Red Pirate Dress

Red Pirate Dress - 450 coins

Snap Shots Background

Snap Shots Background

Snap Shots Background - 60 coins



Waves - 75 coins

Here is Rockhoppers Journal:

Rockhoppers Journal Nov 4th

Rockhoppers Journal Nov 4th - 2

lol sorry they are small

Here is a pic of Rockhoppers ship:

Rockhoppers Ship

 The new pin is in the dance lounge:


It is a UFO? – Weird

 In the plaza they have nearly finished the theatre:

Actors Needed - 2


Sneak Peek

November 5, 2007 by

Here is a sneak peek of the up coming mission:

Mission Sneak Peek


Friday News

November 2, 2007 by

Today the new catalogs came out.

Penguin Style:

 Penguin Style - Nov 07

There are lots of pink things for the girls lol!

-To get the red viking helmet click the astro barrier thing on the black T-Shirt

 Red Viking Helmet

To get the blue viking helmet open and close it 4 times

 Blue Viking Helmet

To get the red electric gutair click on the silver watch

 Red Electric Gutair

To get the swim goggles click the fishing hat

Swim Goggles

Snow and Sports:

Snow and Sports - Nov 07

To get the orange helmet click the 00 on the Red Football Jersey

Orange Football Helmet

This is what my winter penguin looks like:

My Winter Penguin

-Has any one noticed the actors thing in the plaza?

Actors Needed Soon

Building Stuff

I hope they let actresses in too :)


Halloween Secrets

November 1, 2007 by

Hiya sorry been busy

To get basket:

Halloween Pumpkin Basket

First Candy:

First Candy

Second Candy:

Second Candy

Third Candy:

Third Candy

Forth Candy:

Forth Candy

Fifth Candy:

Fifth Candy

Sixth Candy:

Sixth CandyTo get this click the green puffle and answer Happy Halloween

Seventh Candy:

Seventh CandyClick scarecrow then it wil come

Eighth Candy:

Eighth CandyClick binoculars then wait for octopus

Also in the newspaper that has come out today,

for secret agents there is a message:

Secret Agent Letter

It says:

Attention Agents Get ready to discover the secret of the fur 

PS: This information is top secret keep what you know to yourself 

PSS: This message will self destruct


Dream penguin

October 13, 2007 by

Superhakan made me a dream penguin; its cool :


Visit his COOL :

if you want superhakan to make a dream penguin go to:



October 6, 2007 by

Ok sumeyya, please keep this here, aguair and yankateer dont let me advertise, ok i need 30,000 hits by 15th october 07 or i will change my header to i suck and my avatar : i suck and my sign of will be i suck SO PLEASE VISIT MY SITE

it took me a VERY LONG TME SO PLEASE DETICATE! I WOULD APPRIACIATE IT, i hope no one deleted this afterall, i did save this iste

shakan out

Sumeyya’s Comment

i will not delete this post but, i will delete most of  the little writing because theres just TOO much

It looks messy so I will only save a few and I mean a FEW.


September 25, 2007 by

FEW I SAVED THIS SITE SUMEYYA… this quick!!! ITS CAUSE IM A ADMIN I CAN! (im not telling anyone how to)


September 25, 2007 by



Sumeyya: OMG,when i looked it was the scariest moment ever! somone hacked me.Thank you sooooo much superhakan!

ok. i think my heart has started to beat again.


September 17, 2007 by

Rockhopper is back,yay!

But sadly,he brought the eyepatch back,which most of us already have. :cry:

oh,and…..please check out my Best Friend in real life’s new website:

Catolog Secrets

September 10, 2007 by

Sorry I didnt post the catolog secrets,i have been so busy!

So credits go to Paintboy100:

The Red Gutair:

The Swim Googles:

The Viking Helmet:

So once again, visit for excellent CP cheats!

-And Penny3532 since you are deleting your site and quiting wordpress,i will delete you tomorrow off my site,because on wednesday I wont have time.

I really will miss you Penny :cry:



September 10, 2007 by

From Wednesday morning to Friday afternoon, sadly i cannot post because I am going on a school trip to an adverture park.

When I come back I will tell you all about it. :)


back 2 school

September 7, 2007 by

The New Items


Red Guitar

red-g.jpg(click to enlarge !: )

 swim goggles

swim.jpg (click to enlarge !: )

 red viking helmit

catelog.jpg (click to enlarge !: )

click and close 4 times for a blue one

 Your invited to my party !:


pictures from

shakan out =] !:

Camping Party!

August 24, 2007 by

Today is the first day of Camp Penguin! There is a free item at the cove:

Camp Penguin!


I am a smurf!

August 23, 2007 by

I took a “Which smurf are you?” test and I was Smurfette!

go to my piczo website to see my pic

If you want to take the test go to:


The Smurfs!

August 23, 2007 by


I was looking on the smurfs website and i thought i would post about it. Here are some pictures:






Baby Smurf:




Cook Smurf:


Farmer Smurf:














Lazy Smurf:


Papa Smurf:


Poet Smurf:


Vanity Smurf:


The Smurfs are blue pixies who live in little mushroom village.

Please check out the Smurf website:


Going Again!

August 18, 2007 by

Sorry gotta rush I am going to England,Yorkshire to my nans house today. But luckly there is a computer there :)

-And I forgot to say that Rockhopper is here and he brought a parrot. Sorry I didnt post yesterday, my internet wasnt working.



August 16, 2007 by

          Tommorow Rockhopper is in Club Penguin un-expected.Here is a pic:Rockhopper is here!


Back from Holiday!

August 15, 2007 by

Hi everyone!

I’m back from my holiday and i had a great time!

For the first week i stayed at my grandma’s house in Istanbul,then for the next week i went on a ferri to a four star hotel in Altinoluk,next my dad had to go to a turkish army office from last tuesday to friday,so we had to stay at my auntie’s house which had a computer,then on sunday or saturday we went back to my grandma’s house then came back to Wales yesterday.I think we came back 11:00pm GBT.

I might show you one picture of me on holiday but not now cuz i dont have them on the pc.


Some Stuff……Superhakan

August 14, 2007 by

here is some stuff i got,

mission 4 video guide,


here is the link to vote for me :

vote for me 1s in 1 comment and 1s in another comment, if you have 100 comments voting for me, i have 100 votes!

if you put my name in 100 times in 1 comment, only 1 will count


this represents me,


i am from the u.k england.

vote for me!!!!!

i would be glad if i won, i havent won anything,

i am making a video today, im going to post it when i have uploaded it, my 1st VID EVER!

(need a new log of)

superhakan superhakan-spinning.gif

New Post Cards

August 10, 2007 by

New post cards;
Sled racing is now open again! yay


Avalanche Danger

August 8, 2007 by

The Ski Hill is closed for investigation, :( no more sled racing

yeah, penny3532 is a non-member now, but i’ll still be the same person
I’ll probably be a member again by friday i think


Here for a week!

August 7, 2007 by

Hi everyone,you are probably wonderıng why I am on the computer and not in turkey,well I am in turkey but my auntie just got the internet on her pc yay!But  I will only be in her house for one week,but dont worry I am coming back next tuesday! :)


New Pin & Catalog Secrets

August 3, 2007 by

The New Pin is a butterfly and it’s at the Forest

Look at this video for the Catalog Secrets :)
o and a very old item was brought back!!! :) im soo happy that it came back :)

Catalog Sneak Peak

August 3, 2007 by

Catalog Sneak peek pic


August 2, 2007 by

Here are the Igloo contest winners!
srry but im too lazy to type em all down so look at the pic plz
There’s gonna be an outfit contest on cp, once again im too lazy sooo look at the pic


Cp is going Disney!

August 2, 2007 by

Hello Penguins!

You may have heard that Club Penguin is now a part of Disney and you may be wondering what does that mean? Over the last few months, Club Penguin has been looking for a company we could work with to help us not only add more cool stuff to Club Penguin, but to take Club Penguin throughout the world into many different languages. We wanted kids all over the world to be able to experience Club Penguin and we couldn’t do it alone.

As far as the game is concerned, not much will change. Everyone on the Club Penguin Team will continue to work hard to make Club Penguin the best it can be. Our hope is that you don’t even notice a difference unless it means we’re making something better! Please let us know what you think and feel free to ask any questions. We’ll try to answer as many as we can!

In other news: The new catalog comes out this week so be sure to check out all the great new clothes and camping gear!

Until then…Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Team

Sweet :) Oh and then updated the Club penguin site
They Added Disney News
go check it out!


New Servers!

August 1, 2007 by

In USA New Servers are; Shiver, Matterhorn, Bobsled, Ice Box, Bunny Hill, Walrus, Deep Snow, and Altitude.

In Canada the New Servers are; Ice Pond, Snowfall, and Caribou.

The New Server’s in Austarlia are; Snowy River, Big Snow, and Brumby.


Sneak Peak

August 1, 2007 by

Here’s another sneak peak picture of the new mission


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